Animais en Perigo /Animals in Danger.


This BLOG is about Endangered species in GALICIA.

Endangered Means There is Still Time”

 Images templates can be found at this link , "CATÁLOGO DE ESPECIES AMEAZADAS EN GALICIA".

 Unfortunately, there are many more you cannot see here.

 These images are made out  of magazines papers using "collage" technique. 

This will be our little contribution   to preserve life in  our Planet .

"...I think that we may not be able to save all the animals, but if all of us together contribute a grain of sand, we can achieve many things.

 Then the world in which we live will be a much better place.

Here are some things that we can do to help:

Preserve the natural habitat of animals

Recycle paper to prevent the destruction of forests, and plant new trees in communities

Don’t contaminate water with trash or toxic waste

Plant trees in communities"

(by Greenscreen web page)


  Text  about the animals will be added in the Next Future both in Galician ,English and any other language from Countries joining us in this Adventure.

 You can use them to create stories about them so that people don´t forget  the importance of preserving  Animal World.

Don´t forget to use tux paint to create new images for  happy ending stories.




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